Energise your body and your mind.

Hello, I’m Brigitte. I am a Life Consultant trained to practise a range of therapies, techniques and coaching models to promote healthier living in body and mind. They are suitable for people of all ages. You may need to see me when you experience pain or when you have difficulties in coping with issues either in the home, the workplace or socialising.

From time to time we all experience problems which we can’t resolve without professional help. That’s what I’m here for! I provide holistic first aid and wellbeing support to adults and children.

  • Physical therapies to relieve muscle tension and pain, increase flexibility and mobility, and help the body heal itself.
  • Therapies to address energy levels, resolve bad memories, and reinforce the positive.

“A neighbour recommended Brigitte when I was suffering from a severe shoulder strain following a traffic accident some years ago. After attending a consultation and course of physical therapy sessions applied by Brigitte, the shoulder strain gradually disappeared. I learnt that my posture, attitude and physical flexibility were important features in my well being and recovery from the damaged shoulder. My daughter, a SRN, treated me to a further course delivered by Brigitte, to enhance my self respect which was really appreciated. I have learnt a great deal about becoming more positive, about reflective self analysis in recovering from injuries and in addition, unscrambling the mental chaos created by self induced stress and anxiety. I thoroughly recommend Brigitte Nix as a professional expert in her field of Holistic first aid encompassing both mind and body restoration.” – Mr G.

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