It’s that time of year. New Year Resolutions; Goal Setting; I Really Need To Do and other lists are on many an agenda. Do you make them as well? And do you regularly look back at them? If you thrive on them, that’s wonderful.

But there are other people who find them stressful after a while. Especially when they contain words like oughtshould, and must. And the lists that emphatically urge you to do things like “clear out the attic … cut out ready made meals and take aways … eat all meals at the table …visit gym 3 x a week … cancel all wine o’clock dates with Chardonnay or pints with mates … polish shoes before leaving house …  hang up damp towels  … check all social media.” You get the drift, don’t you?

Should you feel the pressure, here’s the #1 stress buster antidote recipe. The only ingredient you need to find is a short timespan of 5 – 10 minutes every day, free from interruptions. Time that is protected, dedicated to yourself, absolutely and purposefully for:

reviewing all that you have done today

reflecting on what that means to you

taking slow deep breaths and letting go

That’s all it involves …

You’ll find that this can measurably lower blood pressure, improve your ability to concentrate and lead to a better night’s sleep. Of course, you have to commit to your ritual. But when you realise increasingly over time that you are feeling happier, healthier and more contented, why wouldn’t you? You will also find that how you relate to others and they relate to you is changing. Check out how the #1 stress buster recipe can deliver.

Here’s to your happiness, contentment, health, success, laughter and peace in 2018.