A lucky birthday present, indeed! I am so glad that once again a Bowen treatment was able to create profoundly felt change for a client. Bowen is my favourite “go to” physical therapy method, because with Bowen “less is more”. We make as few but strategic adjustments as are necessary. It is a gentle, non-invasive, restful and at the same time powerful physical therapy method. Bowen appears to help the body reset itself, time and again. There are many different therapies and many different experiences. Most are good, some are excellent but occasionally someone has a really bad experience. Luckily I could help. Read this story:

“Miracles do exist! 

I live in Holland and was visiting my daughter in Leamington Spa. We had many conversations over the years about my back and nerve problems resulting from a bad chiropractor treatment 16 years ago, in which I became almost paralysed. I have been in pain every day since and as I’ve aged the pain has only been getting worse, restricting my lifestyle in many ways.  

My daughter had a severe car accident a few years ago and was left with painful neck, feet and hands effecting her everyday functioning. She received a handful of Bowen treatments and found herself pain free for the first time in years.  She highly recommend the treatment, but I resisted because I felt nervous and sceptical about it. However, on this visit to England, my daughter saw how bad my symptoms had become and booked a treatment as an early birthday present. I didn’t want to let her down and thought ok maybe I should give it a try.  

As soon as I met Brigitte I felt comfortable, she was easy to talk to and really seemed to understand my issues, taking care to take a full medical history. The treatment was not at all invasive, as I was worried about, it was very relaxing. It felt as if the pain just flowed away and was replaced with a comfortable warmth, in fact I feel asleep! Straight after the first session I felt so energetic and was pain free, I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t felt like that in years. That night I had the best sleep I’ve had in 16 years.  I was going back to Holland soon after this treatment, but Brigitte was very accommodating and managed to fit me in for a second treatment. I was really looking forward to the second treatment now I knew what to expect. Several days later I am still pain free and hope to stay that way, I still can’t understand how this treatment works, but am so grateful that my pain has gone, I really can’t believe it.  

I would say to anyone who has chronic pain, just give it a try. It is the best money ever spent! 


If a Bowen therapist from Holland happens to read this blog, contact me through my website and I shall happily pass your details on.