Having found my Blog you may wonder what actually happens when you visit me for treatment. In a nutshell – that depends on what you want me to help you with and how you want me to help you. The process used here was individual and is just one example of what can happen. I quote

” Hi Brigitte

I had a couple of sessions with you recently and said I’d write something of my experience  – see below …
The scapula (shoulder blade) pain is gone entirely. Thanks so much. I’ll book again for a physical treatment  to thank my hard working body for all the painting/decorating/floor-laying/furniture moving that I’m doing right now: it will draw a line under a lot of difficult and worthwhile home-making effort, so see you soon!

I first visited Brigitte 3½ years ago, suffering everyday with debilitating headaches and insomnia. After 2 sessions and the lightest of touches of Bowen Therapy the headaches went. I used to define myself by them, and now can barely remember the last one. We also worked on a simple ‘oral yoga’ technique to help me find sleep – again, the improvement has been astonishing.

A few months ago I woke with severe back pain – felt like I’d been shot. GP said I’d torn a muscle under the scapula and advised me not to move it…no more yoga/swimming/Nordic walking, or even carrying bags. i.e. no more normal life! After a week or so the pain diminished, only to return with full force a couple of months later. This time I went straight to Brigitte: she suggested the pain was from a deeper source (because I could quite clearly still move my arm and that would not have been possible with a ripped muscle).

So, what happened in our session? Well we talked for 50 minutes. And then she made a few light physical adjustments. And then 95% of the pain went.

The point is that she gets to know and understand you first – and then uses that information to work towards solutions to your problems. It sounds like a miracle – it feels like one to be free from pain – but you have to work with her, and take responsibility for yourself. That’s one of the biggest lessons I’m taking away from the process: the idea that your body is right, that you should listen to it and take responsibility for its power and your wellbeing. It’s not just about the hurt bit, but all of you…  R. B. “

What do you do when you are in pain? We can talk it through if you want to call me.

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