As a Therapist and Coach I am often asked: “What is the difference between Therapy and Coaching”. This is how I describe it:

Therapy is about helping you repair past damage and moving on, out of pain and into healing.

Coaching is about helping you discover your individual best way forward when you have a specific outcome in mind. This could be a personal goal – for example becoming a confident public speaker. It could be a professional goal – for example creating a better environment at work or taking on a new project.

Sometimes there is a ‘crossover moment’ between a therapeutic need and the coaching process. That is when working with a professional ‘change worker’ who is experienced in both areas pays extra dividends.

You can make a start at any time and work to your strengths, in line with your values. It’s a good idea to bring along a supply of curiosity, a sense of adventure, the desire to explore and the willingness to practice.

If you’d like to explore how Therapy or Coaching can help you, go to the CONTACT page at or call me for further information. I see private clients in South Warwickshire and am available for corporate collaborations and Wellbeing in the Workplace projects.

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