“I came to Bowen Therapy by a rather roundabout route. Whilst suffering from Glandular Fever in my early 40s I by chance spoke with a friend who’d had a similar experience. She was a sports physiotherapist who helped me prepare for a five month long distance walked the previous year. She told me that she had researched the subject, tried Bowen Therapy, and found it to be a great help. I trusted and valued her opinion so decided to act upon her advice.

The week leading up to my first Bowen session was plagued by debilitating headaches and fatigue. I didn’t know what to expect so I was surprised at how light-handed the manipulations were. I felt relaxed by the end of the session, and the therapist told me to drink lots of water, but other than that I didn’t feel any different.

When I woke up the following morning I felt like I’d been run over by a bus. I was completely wiped out, then halfway through the following day I began to feel better. I still suffered from headaches and fatigue that week but the symptoms were less severe. This was quite a surprise; how could such a gentle technique have such a pronounced affect?

The same pattern repeated itself for each subsequent weekly session; a period of grogginess followed by a significant improvement in my wellbeing. As my condition improved the effects of each session became less marked to the point I felt absolutely fine the following day.

I cannot say what my recovery would have been like without Bowen but I do know that it massive positive impact. If you’re in a similar position I highly recommend you give it a go!”

Thank you for sharing, Jon!

If you are reading this but have yet to experience a Bowen Treatment, give it a try. You don’t have to be in dire need. You can just enjoy a Bowen treat. To ask me questions, talk through your options or book an appointment with me in Shipston on Stour or Leamington Spa is easy, just click here